Associate Attorney

Brighton, Michigan
Mar 30, 2023

Job description

Duties include: Consult with clients, stakeholders and other attorneys on various immigration issues. Legal research and writing relating to requests for evidence and motions. Drafting various government immigration forms and petitions in a thorough manner. Focused written and verbal communications with clients regarding case documents and submissions. Work closely with the LBL staff internally to ensure proper case management. Approach problems with a pragmatic, business-minded focus. Respond quickly to urgent matters. Learn, develop, and maintain knowledge base of immigration related laws, regulations, and pending legislation. Seek new clients on an ongoing basis and maintain the business relationship.

This Position requires: J.D. or L.L.M.

Work location: Brighton, Michigan

Job Overview


Mar 30, 2023


Brighton, Michigan


J.D. or L.L.M

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